I've always drawn compulsively. During a long career that took me from public broadcasting to Japan and from Siberia to a Silicon Valley startup, I was lucky to work with many talented artists. I always wanted to be doing what they did. Eventually, I found I had the time to focus on developing my own form of expression. I went back to school and got an MFA and have since sold my work at 625 Gallery in San Francisco and Kaleid in San Jose.

I've also sold pieces through the student show at the Academy of Art University and in the annual auction at the San Jose ICA. I can honestly say, I don't do it for the money though. For a long time, I couldn't let go of anything, but now selling art is a way to make room for new work and new ideas. 

My practice is still very much a meandering path, which is why I continue to try different media and why there's a fair amount of variety in the art I produce. Most of my pieces start from a random mark on the page, without thought about where the final image will end up. Sometimes that works out and sometimes I just get to enjoy the journey. Regardless of the outcome, I never get bored along the way.

      Photo: Peter Koloff